Terms & Conditions

  • General
  • Terms of Delivery
  • Delivery Costs
  • Surcharge for Quantities below Minimum
  • Return & Refund
  • Prices
  • Terms of Payment
  • Refusal of Acceptance
  • Reservation of Proprietary Rights
  • Protection of Data Privacy
  • Severance (Salvatorian) Clause
  • Applicable Law
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The Tea Fairy permanently strives to serve to your fullest satisfaction. This includes fair Terms & Conditions.

The contract is made between you as client and the Tea Fairy, Doris Hofer, Naglikonerweg 11, 8804 Au. The contract comes into existence by me accepting your order using this website. You will receive an e-mail following each order.

Should you have general queries or queries concerning my Terms & Conditions, please contact me at dhofer@gmx.ch.

Terms of Delivery

I normally deliver from my stock in Switzerland. You will usually receive the article within four or five working days. I will always endeavour to keep the delivery time quoted by me. However, should any disruptions in business occur which are not under the control of myself nor my supplier, in particular caused by strikes, lock-outs or force majeure which is based on an unpredictable event evoked by no fault of our own, delivery time will extend accordingly. Potential delay in delivery do not entitle cancellation of the order nor enforcement of a claim for compensation. Delivery is regarded as completed once the article has left my premises or the premises of my supplier, respectively, if a direct delivery is made.

Should the article not be available, I will inform you about the delay and I will dispatch the article upon receipt. Delivery is made by post. Deliveries are only possible within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I reserve the right to insist on prepayment.

Delivery Costs

I charge CHF7.00 for up to 2kg parcel weight, CHF9.00 for up to 5kg and CHF10.00 up to 10kg. The cost for heavier parcels will be determined on demand. These charges include handling and shipping costs. If I need to make several partial deliveries due to backorder, the costs for the additional deliveries will be borne by me.

Surcharge for Quantities below Minimum

Minimum order values and consequently surcharges for quantities below minimum do not apply.

Return & Refund

Returns of articles are only allowed following prior agreement in writing. Return or replacement because you do not like the article are not possible.


I reserve the right to change prices. However, the prices at the time of your placing an order are binding.

Terms of Payment

You will receive a payment slip with the delivery or you can pay by bank transfer. The total amount due is to be settled without any deduction whatsoever within 30 days from the invoice date. I will recharge unauthorised deductions.

If your payment is delayed, I am authorised to charge collection expenses and 5% interest on late payment. Should there still be no reaction, I will take legal action.

Refusal of Acceptance

If you unjustifiedly refuse to accept articles that you ordered and that I delivered I will recharge the costs caused. I will then try to contact you to clarify the situation. Repeated refusal of acceptance will result in refusal to accept further orders from you.

Reservation of Proprietory Rights

Until an article has not been fully paid it will remain property of the Tea Fairy, Doris Hofer, Naglikonerweg 11, 8804 Au.

Protection of Data Privacy

Please refer to the separate Link Privacy Policy.

Severance (Salvatorian) Clause

Should a clause of these Terms & Conditions be ineffective, this will not have any impact on the validity of the remaining clauses. If a clause of these Terms & Conditions only ineffective in one part, the other part will remain valid. The contracting parties are required to replace an ineffective clause with a valid alternative clause, the economic purpose of which is as similar as possible to the ineffective clause's purpose.

Applicable Law

The entire privity of contract between the Tea Fairy, Doris Hofer, Naglikonerweg 11, 8804 and the client is subject to Swiss law.

Place of Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions are subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Horgen.