Magical Mystical Makaibari

Makaibari - Situated in this beautiful spot is the world’s first tea factory, which was established in 1859. Rajah Banerjee, the fourth generation owner, has coalesced the ethnic diversity of the seven Makaibari villages to a harmonious entity by holistic sustainable practices.

With the help of Rudolph Steiner’s biodynamic methods a uniquely healthy soil has been created that houses a healthy society. The application of biodynamic practices coupled with permaculture to foster harmony between soil, micro-organisms, plants, animals and man is a shining model.


Makaibari follows a form of integrated forest management called permaculture, where the tea bush is part of a multi-tier system of trees and plants of a sub-tropical rainforest. 70% of the entire area are under forest cover. Harmonious interactions at all stages have created a perfect environment for many species to thrive here, including endangered panthers, tigers, birds, butterflies, snakes, spiders and many others.

When I, a volunteer for Asha for Education, during a trip to India got the opportunity to meet Rajah Banerjee on his tea estate, I was impressed by his enterprise philosophy and thought that this would mesh well with Asha’s values. So the encounter spontaneously resulted in a partnership between Asha and Makaibari. I am delighted to be able to sell the unique organically and sustainably produced teas of Makaibari, which you find on the Products page. The entire profit is donated to Asha and thus contributes directly to the education of underprivileged children in India.